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c) “Virtual Box NDIS6 Briged Networking Driver” is checked: d) Click the refresh button to get a new “MAC ADDRESS”.

e) After the new “MAC ADDRESS”, then everything is working fine.

However, my project team at work is heavily invested in Virtual Box, and rather than try to make all their updates to my new VM, it makes more sense to develop on the same system as the rest of the team.

The challenge is that Virtual Box and Hyper-V cannot co-exist on the same machine.

Recently I upgraded to the Windows 8 RTM build for my main work laptop, and began working with Hyper-V, which is available on a client OS for the first time with Windows 8.

Since I use virtualization to do Share Point development every day, I was eager to see what Hyper-V could do. It performs well and stays out of my way when I’m not using it.

Started working after updating asus p8z77-v pro bios to latest and enabling virtualization support.

Before the bios update, virtubox showed only 32-bit OS's.

In my case, my username is sk, and password is ubuntu. Enter the php Virtual Box administrative user credentials.

Now, go to your client system and open the web browser of your choice. The default username for php Virtual Box is admin and its password is admin too. Now you can manage your Virtual Box headless instances from here. Select the virtual machine from the main interface and click Start to install guest OS. If you find this guide useful, please share it on your social networks and support us.

Windows 10 creators update needed a restart to show the 64 bit OS options in Virtual Box 5.1.22 for my AMD Phenom (tm) II.

Also, the problem might be that you need to TURN OFF the computer after changing the Virtualization options in BIOS, not just restart it. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

Only one hypervisor can run at a time, and since Hyper-V runs all the time, while Virtual Box only runs when it is launched, Virtual Box is the loser in this scenario.


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