Updating firmware on an imac

Apple could have provided the firmware restore system on a bootable USB flash drive, but instead the firmware recovery process is rolled into the Recovery HD hidden partition that is now included with all new Macs.

Even better you can use the following tips to create your own Recovery HD on any volume, including a handy USB flash drive you can carry around with you​.

Apple supplies firmware updates from time to time, and although very few people have any trouble after installing them, problems do crop up now and then.

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The following steps will take you through the process.

Even if you keep your software up to date, your computer may be hiding vulnerable, outdated code within its deepest recesses that hackers can exploit to totally compromise your machine—leaving you none the wiser.

The inconsistencies raise questions about the quality assurance Apple has been applying to firmware updates. “From the data we could see what was happening, but not say why it was happening,” Smith tells The researchers are set to unveil their research at the annual Ekoparty computer security conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Friday, where they hope to raise people’s interest in firmware security.

The topic popped into the news earlier this year when the anti-secrecy website Wiki Leaks posted an alleged dump of CIA files called Vault 7 that detailed a trove of hacking tools, including one, “Sonic Screwdriver,” that allowed spies to subvert Mac firmware.

In a significant number of cases, computers running the latest versions of the mac OS operating system lag when it comes to firmware—potentially leaving a core part open to compromise.

Of the tens of thousands of machines examined, roughly 54,000 computers were actively maintained by Apple.The issue has to do with firmware, programming written directly onto the metal of a machine that controls hardware.Firmware sits beneath the operating system at a level of privilege that, when accessed by an attacker, grants free-ranging, undetectable hacking powers.Security researchers at Duo Labs gathered three years worth of data across 73,000 Apple (aapl) Mac computers used in organizations spanning a variety of industries—some data were from customers, others were contributed by admins friendly to the research community—to see whether the machines were running the proper firmware, or extensible firmware interface (EFI), code that handles a computer’s pre-boot processes.(EFI firmware is the first part of a Mac’s programming that runs after a computer is turned on.) The researchers made a surprising discovery.But there’s a problem; should a firmware update fail, users aren’t warned.


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