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The original Hutschenreuther porcelain company was opened in 1814 in the small town of Hohenburg in Bavaria.

His aim was to manufacture porcelain second to none and to enhance the quality of his product, Carolus solicited artists, craftsmen, and sculptors from across the European continent.

Primarily focusing on quality and design, Hutschenreuther grew into a competitive firm that produced dinnerware services ideal for fine dining.

Finally the details are added, any leaves and flowers, hands and facial expressions are added by the artist using his or her scalpel.

Each piece is fired at least twice if not three, four or five times at different temperatures.

For 275 years the Porcelain Manufacturer Nymphenburg has been producing figures and objects of the finest quality in just one location, the Nymphenburg Palace.

No other factory in the World still manufactures all its products entirely by hand; no automated process is used, therefore enabling it to produce unequalled delicacy and quality pieces.

Paints are fused with the glaze during firing, changing finished colour significantly.

Finishing can be with either platinum or 24ct gold.

All production in Saxony became destined for the Eastern Block market until about the late fifties when there was an urgent need for foreign currency.


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