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The outdated style sheet that Opera received caused Opera to move a significant amount of's content 30 pixels to the left of where it should be, distorting the page and making it appear as though there was a bug in Opera.

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They said they did this to make a point about the necessity of a harmonious relationship between web browsers and web sites.

After the complaints, Microsoft changed their servers to present the latest version of Opera, version 7, with the style sheet served to the latest version of Internet Explorer, which resolved the problem.

A 2004 review in The Washington Post described Opera 7.5 as being excessively complex and difficult to use.

The review also criticized the free edition's use of obtrusive advertisements when other browsers such as Mozilla and Safari were offered free of charge without including advertisements.

On October 24, 2001, Microsoft blocked users of browsers other than Internet Explorer, including Opera, from accessing

After cries of monopolistic behavior, Microsoft lifted the restrictions two days later.

For now, we'll all just have to keep our eyes peeled.

The history of the Opera web browser began in 1994 when it was started as a research project at Telenor, the largest Norwegian telecommunications company.

Nevertheless, as of February 11, 2005, Microsoft had neither replied to the messages nor corrected the issue. Opera announced that their browser would be available free of charge and without advertisements, although the company still continued to sell support contracts. After the page has been open for a while, the eyes of the smiley will follow the cursor around and when the user clicks on the eyes, a Java Script alert will read "Because just passing is not enough ;)".

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