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They are practical people with great design and manual skills.They are always able to fully concentrate on their tasks.Once she was engaged with an actor but later called it off.

She is the daughter of Sang Cha, a Korean and Shell Bloodgood, an American of Dutch and Irish descent.

In 2009, she was appointed the goodwill ambassador of the Korean Tourism Organization.

Moon Bloodgood's relationship status is married.

Student Committee for the Arts is proud to present a free screening for UCLA students.

In Day Break (2006–2007), she portrayed Rita Shelten, the girlfriend of a detective who is framed for murder and arrested in the span of a day, but continually finds himself reliving that same day.

In 2007, Bloodgood starred as Livia Beale in the American science-fiction television series Journeyman on NBC.

Her father is an American of Dutch and his mother is Korean.

Bloodgood was born to Shell Bloodgood and Sang Cha.

Best Picture Oscar Nominee and Sundance Winner, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD has taken the typical Hollywood formula by storm.

Derived from the murky and unknown waters of the Louisiana Bayou, Beasts has established itself as a mythic inspiration for […] Two Reasons: 1.

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