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The copying stops when any of the 3 actions is taken. It is also apparent from the logging info I am collecting that Canceled() = True when tested by the calling program. I tried putting a "Cancel" button, and then I have a Canceled()=true when the progress dialog is closed by the user (pressing "Cancel", "Close" or "ESC" key).

The problem comes if you don't use a "Cancel" button. Then, how can you know that the window is closing to stop the process you're doing?

qprogressdialog not updating-21

I've managed to pick up (I think) some basics like but am totally unable to arrange them into something that works.

I've also looked at some calibre source code but am not able to see the wood for the trees.

Try with your code, when the bar is on screen, if you press "ESC" or push the X button, the window closes, but it doesn't produces a "Cancel" event (maybe because you're not canceling, but closing).

I found the way to hide the close button, but the "ESC" key still closes it.

The only difference is that I don't have a cancel button, so I never had a Canceled() true value.

But the problem is when the user doesn't cancel, but closes the window.

QCop Envelope e("QPE/System", "busy()" ) has slightly different behavior: it displays a small hourglass in the task bar.

What I would like to do is to give a distinct feedback to the user that the application has not crashed but is busy with some computation.

In fact I've tried so many different combinations that I'm now completely scrambled.


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