Latorsha tomlinson dating

"We were there two hours, and I swear he talked about his mom for the entire time," La Torsha recalls.

Tomlinson, returning from a road game, showed up at the party's entrance as La Torsha was walking out, at which point she heard one of his friends blurt out, "Hey, man -- there goes that girl you were talking about today!

"Their first date was a late-night trip to an IHOP, after La Dainian convinced La Torsha, who was on the Dean's List, to take a break from her studies.

"A lot of people were probably like, 'Why's he crying? "But I was crying because I knew we weren't going to be very good."He proved to have Dionne Warwick-esque psychic skills, and as the defeats mounted, La Torsha says her husband shut down emotionally. "At first, he'd come home and get upset and say, 'I just can't take this anymore.' But toward the end of the season he'd get home and say, 'So, how was your weekend?

' It was almost like he felt, 'If I don't think about it, it won't affect me.' As a psych major analyzing his mood, I'd have to say he was in a state of denial."Part of the reason La Torsha seems a bit perturbed by her husband's lack of overt ire is that she's his biggest defender.

Whereas the 25-year-old running back tends to internalize the frustration of the San Diego Chargers' pathological ineptitude (a 17-31 record in his three seasons), his even younger bride is ready to throw down in fish-taco town."A lot of wives work their way into luxury boxes for the games, but not me," La Torsha says.

"I say, 'Gimme the cheap seats.' I want to be right down there with the fans, because I like to talk smack."So, for instance, when a Qualcomm Stadium fan makes a disparaging comment about one of the Chargers' players, he might hear La Torsha retort, "I don't see you out there, buddy." If he persists, she's liable to ask, "What are you here for, then? Blondes probably do have more fun, especially if they look this good. She’s the type of woman that you fantasize about asking out, but you never do. Finding the 10 hottest NFL players’ wives is as about as easy as getting 50 yard line tickets to the Superbowl. The wife of Deon Branch brings more than just good looks to the table. She works with her husband’s charitable organization. Jason Taylor’s significant other is one of those beautiful kind of ladies that anyone would want to tackle. With success and money comes the opportunity to meet simply gorgeous women. As of November 2010, she’s engaged to Eric Johnson. And eventually she will be one of the hottest NFL players’ wives out there. On November 12th 2010, the organization donated ten grand to children in Seattle. There’s definitely more than ten hot NFL players’ wives out there to choose from. With beautiful eyes, very defined cheekbones, and a set of legs that’ll drive any man wild, you’ll wonder why Troy doesn’t spend more time tackling her.


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