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It has been shaped to allow easy control of the number of bristles contacting the display.B3 Designed in partnership with Sensū, this hand-made premium brush provides the best possible painting experience on i Pad.

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London Evening Standard reader offer as featured in home expert Alison Cork’s Really Useful column - get a 30% discount off custom made world map wallpapers until 22nd November 2012.

Our most popular theme by far is our collection of vintage maps - from Cassini's 19th century UK, Ireland and Europe wide data to A-Z's very first London street map c1938 with bus, trolleybus and tram routes.

Then you can put the new tip in and push it until it snaps into place.

Printed Space use your images and designs to create one off wallpapers, blinds, canvas art prints and now - vinyl cushion flooring. We are building a vast image and data bank to help your design ideas come to life - and if we don't have it, then we will help you find the perfect picture.

We can print mapping for most of the UK to fit any size wall, however we have a few of the most popular London maps available at set sizes, printed onto our pre pasted wallpaper.

Quote voucher code "Vintage30" in Google Checkout for £30.00 off these set sized wall murals.The Transformational Learning Hub at the new River View Primary School in Salford, Manchester, features our colourful A-Z map Floorink.Covering all 220sqm of floor space, the A-Z map creates a fun yet practical flooring solution - not only does it provide a dramatic feature, it is also an effective learning tool for the children.If you have previously signed up to hear more about this new Pogo Connect, you are already high on the list.Based on our initial production numbers, we do feel there is a risk of selling through our stock levels before the public preorder date.It’s packed with features artists love, from true-to-life sets of pencils, inks and brushes, through to advanced layer compositing, 64-bit performance and unique digital tools.

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