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in some cases errors have unavoidably erep* in, and the scarcity of these for none could hope for their entire absence, evidences the care that has been had in the preparation of i i I turn of the volume. The barren aspect of the coast, and the nakedness and poverty of the savages, who lived in grottoes, , and holes in the ground, clearly indicated that they had scarcely advanced beyond the primitive condition of man, and discouraged the adventurers, who were in search of another country like Mexico, abounding in natural wealth and the appliances of a rude civilization.

The uncertainty that always attends the compilation ot history that has found a register only in the minds ol those who participated in events so long ago, renders it probable tied. As before stated, Lower California was discovered in 1534, by an expedition which Cortex h I at in the inland seas of Tehunntepec From that time, during a period of one hundred and fifty years, some twentv maritime expeditions sailed successively from the shores of New Spain to the coast of Oalifornia, with the object of perfecting its conquest; but none of them obtained an\ iry result, beyond an imperfect knowledge of the geographical situation of the country.

Befokb entering upon the subject, to winch this work is devoted, it is proper that a few words be said in regard to the ( ., l;ll , 1( . extent of the work and its method of arrange- ment, to enable the reader to undertake its perusal with a true Wea f its character, and to place the publishers in a proper light before the public. All this ingenuity under difficulties does not correspond very well with Friar Venegas' account of the natives' stupidity and want of reflection.

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In the woods "they also find acorns which they grind in like manner and " make gruel and balls of.

They " roast the flesh of this animal in holes made in the ground, " and when their first voracity is appeased, they hang the (( remainder on trees, and cut pieces off, as they do with the " seal, which they esteem next to the whale.

THE COURTS OF NEVADA COUNTY: Introduction of Law— The Mexican Courts— Supreme Court— District Court —County Court— Court of Sessions — Probate Court — Justices of the Peace —Courts Under the New Constitution. In all such cases it has been the constant care of the historian to view the matter from all sides and pre- sent the facts as they seem to him to bear the best evidence and come from the source most likely to be correct. Having completed his education at Parma, he joined the order of Jesuits and went to Mexico as a missionary in 1675.

Even in these cases conflicting statements are made, and not strangely; for it is well known that testimony given by eye witnesses in a judicial trial often varies in important particulars, when taken immediately subsequent to the event under investigation, and it can but be expected that the elapse of thirty years would but add to the difficulty. Father Tierra, the founder, and afterwards Visitadore General of the missions of California, was a native of Milan, born of noble parentage and Spanish ancestry, in 16 14.

It " also sometimes happens that a whale is driven on shore; an " event which they celebrate with great rejoicing, as they " value the whale's flesh and blubber above all things.

They " have shell-fish in abundance, and, in addition, the produce " of the chase, such as rabbits, geese, ducks, and quails.

La Perouse says he saw an Indian with a stag's head fixed upon his own, walk on all fours, as if he was browsing on grass, and he played his part to such perfection that old hunters would, have fired at him at thirty paces, had they not been prevented.

This, "indeed, is exclusively confined to the females, the men " going without any except what nature gave them." It is somewhat remarkable that in designating the sorts of wild game sought by the Indians, Father Palon, the historian of the missionary Friars, makes no mention the grizzly bear; a probable indication that those weak and timid people did not meddle with- that monster terribilis of the savage shore.

The Attorneys who Have Constituted the Bar of Nevada County, and Many foterestin In Regard to Them, and to the Legal and Illegal Pro- eeedings in the County. Twice the time could have been spent upon the work and still much be left unsaid ; for what cannot be said of a county that in two short years was transformed fro,,, a wilder- ness of hills, forest, and mountain streams, occupied by bands of ignorant savages, to the home of over twenty thousand peo- ple, whose busy hum ascended upon the unaccu tomed ah to bear witness that one more paradise of nature belonged to civil- ization ? They scalped their slain enemies, and plucked out their eyes which they had the art of preserving, free from decay, and kept as precious signs of victory. MOODY, Proprietor , Truckee Nevada County, California HISTORY OF NEVADA COUNTY. When the con- querors took possession of a new territory, in the name of the King of Spain, the accompanying Father- med it for spiritual empire of the Holy Church, and in this manner California became at once the possession of both the Chnrch State, by right of discovery and redaction.

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