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The Attorneys who Have Constituted the Bar of Nevada County, and Many foterestin In Regard to Them, and to the Legal and Illegal Pro- eeedings in the County. Twice the time could have been spent upon the work and still much be left unsaid ; for what cannot be said of a county that in two short years was transformed fro,,, a wilder- ness of hills, forest, and mountain streams, occupied by bands of ignorant savages, to the home of over twenty thousand peo- ple, whose busy hum ascended upon the unaccu tomed ah to bear witness that one more paradise of nature belonged to civil- ization ? They scalped their slain enemies, and plucked out their eyes which they had the art of preserving, free from decay, and kept as precious signs of victory. MOODY, Proprietor , Truckee Nevada County, California HISTORY OF NEVADA COUNTY. When the con- querors took possession of a new territory, in the name of the King of Spain, the accompanying Father- med it for spiritual empire of the Holy Church, and in this manner California became at once the possession of both the Chnrch State, by right of discovery and redaction. The Supremaej of the Law-Causes for Mob Violence— Whipping of Studiy- Knm,,r " 11 ,r ""- 1 ■" Bridge*port-The Sandy Brown Case at Nevada fcj -The bdian Collo Hanged at Rough and Ready— The Nl^h-o Brown Hanged at Newtown-Tue Jar of Gold-Almost a Victi nil-Cases of Whipping. -7-Ah Look Escapes a Trial i Ui Luck; to be Hanged. Mc Murtry and the Grim Quinton and Attempted Assas* sination of O. Sfcidger— ' arder at Cooper's Bridge — Bran- nan and the Chinamen — "No Mini Can Hit Me 'With a Rock and Live" — Love's Tournament in Tr ' treasure and Death— The Exploits of Benjamin Reed— Twent I Make Assault and Battery — Murdered by Lamp Light- Street Fight — Crazy for Blood — The Trout Creek Case — Sbol ■ • ■. In the preparation of simply the historical portion, without reference whatever to the illustrations, work has been done that would have occupied one ma ire than a year, and the writer has been engaged upon il conti ly for the past, sevei mths. Although they never ate their prisoners nor their enemies killed in battle, yet, when they had put to death great chiefs, or very courageous men, they sometimes ate pieces of the flesh, as a sign of homage to valor, and in the belief that this food would increase their own courage. Such were the genera] character, habits, and peculiarities of the California Indians, as described by the missionary lathers and occasional travelers, from the advent of the Spaniards to the year L835. It was the custom of the Spanish Government to send out a certain number of Christian missionaries with each espedi- ; tiou, whether for discovery or conquest.

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days, that have been crowded from the mind by the cares of thirty years of busy life, save, perhaps, the few exciting inci- dents indelibly stamped upon the mind and borne vividly in the recollection of who participated in them. And then appeared the heroic apostle of California civilization, Father John Salva Tierra, of the Society of Jesus, commonly called Jesuits.

No one realises better tie,,, the historian, witness has been borne to the fact by every one with whom he- has conversed, that it is difficult to recall the events of pioneer 12 HISTORY OF NEVADA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA . After the ex- penditure of immense sums of both public and private wealth, the permanent settlement of California was despaired of; the Spanish Government would advance no more money, private enterprise was turned in another direction, and it, was decided to give over the fruitless undertaking to the Fathers of the Church.

In the woods "they also find acorns which they grind in like manner and " make gruel and balls of.

They " roast the flesh of this animal in holes made in the ground, " and when their first voracity is appeased, they hang the (( remainder on trees, and cut pieces off, as they do with the " seal, which they esteem next to the whale.

Befokb entering upon the subject, to winch this work is devoted, it is proper that a few words be said in regard to the ( ., l;ll , 1( . extent of the work and its method of arrange- ment, to enable the reader to undertake its perusal with a true Wea f its character, and to place the publishers in a proper light before the public. All this ingenuity under difficulties does not correspond very well with Friar Venegas' account of the natives' stupidity and want of reflection.

To catch water-fowl, they make large nets of bulrushes repair to the haunts of the game, where they fix a long pole on each bank of the creek or slough, with one end of the net attached to the pole on the opposite side from them- selves; several artificial ducks are made of rushes, and set afloat between the poles as decoys"; a line is fastened to the end of the net next to the fowler and passed through a hole in the upper end of the pole, and when the birds approach on the wing, the Indian lying in *concealment, pulls the line, raises the net, intercepting the birds in their flight, and they fall stunned into a large bag and are captured.

of 1863— The Rush of L8i Slin "'" d— Turnpike s in 1866- i of the City— Burned in I V-w Tmum ol Cruel Burned in i Out— Chinese Abdudd Fellows' Association — Decline and Revival of the Town —Fire of 1853 — G 1 Resolutions in a Bad Place — Destruction by Fire in 1859- Present Condition — Newtown — Mooney Flat— Spenceville-. Attention is especially called to the case of John Barrett, in regard to whom it has been the universal and incor- rect Relief that he was hanged for stealing a worthless watch. The publishers have received the substantial aid and encouragement of many who have subscribed for the work and for illustrations, without which success would have been impos- sible, and who have the satisfaction of knowing that by their liberality and enterprise they have aided in giving to Nevada county a work fully equal to any that has been published on the Coast. For several years he conducted the missions of Sonora suc- cessfully; he was re-called to Mexico, because of his great abilities and singular virtues, and was employed in the chief offices of the province.

Boundaries— Washington—Alpha— Omega— Gold Hill— Fire. In searching for 'lata on any subject, recourse has been had to the best attain- able, authority on that particular topic, and as far as possible records have been relied upon in preference to oral testimony, and we trust the reader will bear this in mind when he finds a statement that conflicts with opinions he has previously main- tained. Freeman, members of the historical staff, to whose labors is due in a large measure, the early and successful completion of the work. He was robust in health, exceedingly handsome in person, resolute of will, highly talented, and full of religious zeal.

The writer desires to particularly thank the following gentle- men for the special aid rendered and interest taken in the progress of the work: Hon. Tierra associated with himself the Jesuit Father, Juan Ugarte, a native of Honduras, and on the 10th of October, 1697, they sailed from the port of Yaqwi, in Sonora, for Lower California, and after encountering a dis- . Not finding that place suitable for their purpose, the Fathers removed to St Dyonissins, afterwards named I oreto, and there set op the sign of civilisation and Christianity on the Lonely shore.

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