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Especially when it comes time to burn Jane at the stake (evil laugh) I'm glad to hear you liked the looong post.

They sit in judegment of films deciding what we should see and why.

I did have the rather neausous pleasure a few years back to talk to a woman who was on the censor board and asked her why she and the board felt compelled to censor films and other forms of art that clearly the vast amount of the populace enjoyed and her scathing response was that " for the most part people cannot discern whats good and moral for them and do require our influence to guide them." Like WTF??? I am not a big TV fan but have watched a few episode of " Criminal Minds " and on that program it seems to me to be skirting that hemline very very close and this is prime time stuff, so where the balance as I think by sheer innuendo alone that series speaks volumes, and totally rocks.

Jane is a very brave young woman to go through with the roasting scene, but then I already knew that.

She's a courageous actress and it shows in the performances she gives and the risks she takes to make a good movie.

And then I read the shocking news Over at Crux Foundation you posted that the BBIM's expected release date is March of next year. You must realize your customers expect you and your team to complete post and have a finished movie ready for download no more than a week after shooting wraps. You should see the amazing things Ralphus can do with Final Cut Pro. and Jane and JJ decided to keep it, actually keep it for all next year, to have fun, fun, fun in there. Margot Yik Yakker - DHT offers sound advice on "Borderline Cult" - I too had the extreme distress of sitting through that pile of crap - pity that Ulli Lommel has reached the nadir of the film industry after losing his Suzanna Love meal ticket - since then I've found almost every flick unwatchable.

Should I predict more naughty productions coming our way? The question in our minds these days is: Are the quick, three people cast & crew productions over? Margot - again, what a wonderful update - and so nice to have natural, unenhanced ladies in what seems to a be a quality effort.Discover what's your favorite among all membership porn sites, top rated sex cams, FREE dating sites and the highest paid adult film stars.If you think you already saw the greatest porn material, take a look at our list with over 300 porn paysites!Margot: My goodness, that was your best update ever!Well worth waiting for and a real pleasure to read.John Galt and Eda - I should have known our two literary luminaries would hammer me on haiku - but I'll give it a shot. I have relatives in the Dallas area, and they're the only major U. city that still has an independent movie review board (or they did, last time I was there in '04).

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