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And for all the young girls that are watching, it can be damaging too, because [these musicians are in the] position of being a role model, and they’re influencing young girls to act in a similar way.

Dressing immodestly and using music that kind of encourages kids to be sexually active outside of marriage can also lead to all kinds of troubles, including pregnancy outside of marriage, STDs, and all kinds of emotional consequences.

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”I was really challenged by this book I recently read that talked about that scripture, and it encouraged me to be more hands on.

It is very valuable to send support through other organizations, but coupling that with going ourselves is really key.

Rebecca, who joined the late night sports panel on March 2016, said she wants to see women in approach their career life like men.

'Men just say yes and then work out how they will actually do it later on.

Speaking to Stellar magazine last month, Rebecca didn't disclose any future plans to grow her family with her husband of three years but said she was determined to challenge current stereotypes of women in the media and motherhood.'It's a no-win answer because if I say, "No, I don't want children", then the stereotype is that I'm a hard-faced b.i.t.c.h.,' she said.

'If I say I want children, then perhaps this article will become, "Well Rebecca's 40 but, you know, barren," to use that word that was applied to Julia Gillard unfairly,' she added.

She revealed that she won't be making any changes to her workout routine in preparation for the new role.

Speaking to the The Daily Telegraph, Rebecca said she will continue to practice Pilates, but won't be upping her exercise regime.

He’s probably going to say, “Did you feed the poor?

When you saw me hungry and thirsty, did you feed me, and did you give me something to drink, and did you give me clothes?

Faith wouldn’t be faith without having to trust what is unseen.


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