Dating your guild guitar

The book Guitar Stories: The Histories of Cool Guitars by Michael Wright says that Guild introduced its Japanese-made Madeira guitars in 1973.However, he also states that, “it’s not known how long the Madeira acoustics lasted, but quite possibly through the ‘70’s.”This latter concession by Michael Wright alludes to the limited nature of definitive information on Madeira.

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It is worth noting that import-lines might also include some fairly expensive guitars.

Typically, import-lines are sold under a different label from their American counterparts.

At least one online source references a price sheet (2182-D) with a date of March 1, 1982.

Furthermore, the Faas Corporation supposedly discontinued the Madeira line shortly after purchasing Guild in 1988.

The book Guitar Stories: The Histories of Cool Guitars displays a Madeira ad from the summer of 1974. A catalog, reportedly from 1975, shows that all steel string acoustics featured the curved top.

The same catalog shows that all classical guitars feature a double raised or “bump on a bump” top.Japanese imports generally had an oval label that reads, “Adjusted and Distributed Exclusively by Guild.” Square labels that state, “Designed, Warranteed and Distributed Exclusively by Guild” generally reference a Korean import.Some Korean imports also have an oval labels that have “Made in Korea” printed on it. Both of the examples below were from Korean imports that featured a double raised or “bump on a bump” headstock-top.The first generation had a Martin Style headstock with a flat top.The second generation featured a rounded or curved top.For instance: Definitive historical information about Madeira by Guild is scarce.


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