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Struggling to get gif files smaller, this episode finally made it out after much trial and error.The Flash version does not have a watermark in the corner, which is present in the video version because I used a trial version of some swf to video conversion software which watermarks whatever file someone decides to convert.

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Unlike other animations, this one was way too long at the time to post to youtube since their website had a video time limit.

This is no longer [...] Quite possibly the longest episode of Zelda UO BETA!

In fact, this episode was so big, it had to be split into two parts.

At the time, I was uploading my animations mainly to Newgrounds, and back then this meant uploading them as Flash files.

Adobe Flash has a frame limit of 16,000 frames, which I greatly exceeded.

Newgrounds used to have an upload limit of up to 5MB.

Zelda UO BETA was the series that got me the following I had, and I wanted to be known for something more than Zelda UO. If you’re new [...] Quite possibly the longest episode of Zelda UO BETA!

It was around this time that I’d began working on the WHOOKOS BETA and A. Over 17 minutes long, I wanted this episode to reveal a lot more of the story since the first chapter really only gave a little insight to what’s going on.

The project created some controversy with fans for not using a real orchestra.

However, it garnered so much attention that a strong and very loyal fan-base had been established.

This episodes gives up a little more of a story to work with.


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