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I repeated the motion, three times before her pussy slicked enough.

I stopped about half a cock deep, pulled back and pumped again.

I was about to bring her more cock than she ever had before, perhaps ever imagined though I had some reason to doubt that now. You have done that all your life, taking care of us. I will fuck you, if and only if you want me to fuck you. Then she wiped her palms on her thighs, then moved them up to her sides and thence to her breasts. I took two steps to stand before her, aching to touch her but needing her to agree to what was needed, what I needed to turn her over to my friends for her unparalleled pleasure.

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It might be fine with us but you know the rest of the world is not going to accept it.

I have no right to lecture you but what happens if someone finds out?

I knew if you touched me I would be past caring about consequences." I pulled my hand away and stood up.

I gave them money." The last sentence she whispered, her voice tapering off till the last word barely made a sound.

For a moment, she stared at me then fell back onto the table. When I walked through the living room towards the front door, I saw she was on the phone.

Keep her here till I return and we will fuck you together, the two of us." I as sure she thought she knew which two I referred to, but she didn't.

Sit down." It was a command and I obeyed, unwilling to challenge that right she still possessed. I ate heartily, trying to ignore my mother's scrutiny. She was so insistent last night and I thought you would not be home till midnight or so." "What is going on with you two?

"I have tried that with her though, and you can see that has gotten me nowhere.

"I am going to go into the kitchen and fuck your mother, in a minute, when I catch my breath." I repeated.

" He stifled himself and leaned over the back of the computer chair.

But she had little leverage and there was only the movement from bending her knees.


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