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They may call it different things, but it all comes down to neediness.” I explained that when he started calling and texting and wanting to hang out every second so soon after their hook up, she maybe tagged him as a needy man.This made her want to put the brakes on or run for the hills.

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I read attraction research all of the time; even studies on the truth about what women think about penis size (see one study here), characteristics of male attractiveness (see one study here), or what men find most attractive about a female body (see research here) and what attracts people to people period.

I also have a small amount of couples counseling hours under my belt, as well as a ton of life coaching hours, which are almost always having to do with money-stress or relationship-stress.

Here is some simple and helpful dating advice: Regardless if you are a “traditional” or “modern” dater, you must keep these things in mind.

Remember, even if you think you are living in a modern world, it doesn’t mean that you will forget how to be nice, respectful, and honest.

He knows one of my areas of study and interest is in relationships and attraction (little known fact, I took three shifts in couples counseling when in graduate school).

He asked me a question that began like this: “There is this girl I hooked up with prior to moving out to LA. We did not realize it, but when we met we were both making a move out to Southern California.” I am like, “Wow bro, what are the chances?

Perhaps the biggest aid to me in giving him advice came from a recent 2 and a half-year “study” I did on women’s perceptions of men in the modern dating world.

For this work, I interviewed just over 100 women from all the dating sites including Bumble, Tinder, Match, Plenty of Fish, and even the infamous Ashley Madison (yep, that is how interested I am in this stuff, and in addition, I am working on a book about it). I said, “Look man, there is one thing women hate more than anything else on the planet and that is a needy guy.

” He goes on, “Yeah, but shortly after we got together, I was a little eager.

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