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of York, SC gave to Noah's Arks Rescue Lillian T.

of South Carolina gave to Run for Something Sam S.

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of Acton, MA gave $20 to help pay for medical care for a rescue cat Chris B.

of Irving, TX gave $15 to a fundraising effort to help fund a cancer patient's expenses Jeffrey C.

of Tulsa, OK gave winter coats and clothing to the Salvation Army Jordan W. of Illinois gave $25 to Reading Is Fundamental Shannon S.

of Moorhead, MN gave $10 to North Dakota Women in Need (WIN) Abortion Action Fund Mindi S. of Portland, OR gave $95 to The Dougy Center Kyle D.

of Durham, NC gave $45 to a family friend in need of home healthcare Michele C.

of Rhode Island gave 0 to the Equal Justice Initiative Will C. of Gainesville, TX gave to the American Cancer Society Donna M.

of Israel gave to Doctors Without Borders Karen H.

of New York gave to the Natural Resources Defense Council Elizabeth K.

of Cleveland, OH gave to The City Mission Thomas P.

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