Guinea nude

This hot new model is a hairless or “skinny” guinea pig who’s usually photographed next to his snacks.

Shoutout to Guinea Pigs for neither being pigs nor from Guinea and being pretty unphased by the whole thing.

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He’s had numerous interviews and isn’t shy about interacting with his fans on social.

Virginia-based photographer Erin Bonilla, of Guinea, had the chance to meet up with the naturally nude rodent for a rather racy little photoshoot.

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Her name is Strawberry Shortcake, and she's a completely hairless guinea pig who's not shy in front of the camera.

Virginia-based photographer Erin Bonilla had the chance to meet this unusual rodent and set her up with a hilarious take on a boudoir photoshoot -- only instead of a pinup model, it's a chubby pink rodent in a glorious tub full of suds.

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She might look a little bit strange at first glance, but give her a second look: This hairless guinea pig is actually quite adorable, and she's here to warm your heart with her amazing photos.

Strawberry, in all her pudgy pink glory, is the epitome of furless confidence as she poses next to, then inside, a tiny tub full of soapy suds.


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