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The first thing I do every day is check More → On the whole, I'm in favor of words.

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But while some words are useful and necessary, others are just terrible, and I would rather throw myself into...

More → There is no one in the history of the world who is GOOD at texting. ” t More → Dear Auntie, I'm the centerpiece of my current family conflict.

(Remember, it is of no account who is to be blamed, all that matters is that there should be proof that the summons contains symptoms of a marriage deteriorated beyond all hope of redemption).

Irreconcilable difference involve being estranged for an uninterrupted period and not living together as man and wife, or if one of the parties has committed adultery and the other party finds it impossible to continue with the marriage, or where one party has been proclaimed a habitual criminal and has to serve a extended prison sentence.

Our country boasts one of the highest divorce statistics in the world.

Almost one half of all marriages end up in the divorce court!

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Imagine how much pressure these divorce procedures places on our legal system.

Apart from being an emotionally traumatic experience, divorce is an expensive exercise.

I myself have sent thousands of texts over the course of my life, and all of them were a mistake. I'm the adopted child of my mom and dad, and I was told all fifteen years of my life that part of the reason they adopted me was because they had trouble conceiving their own...


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