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They feel if they were only more attractive or more available he wouldn’t rush to the porn to get his fix.

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Before we quickly label distressed wives as overly conservative prudes, what if we peeled back the layers and instead saw women who were mourning the loss of something they should rightly expect from their husbands: intimacy.

John and Shelli certainly understood what porn was costing them.

Why would Charlie Sheen be drawn to a digital harem, being married to Denise Richards?

The answer is that a mind trained for fantasy will find reality dull, no matter how supposedly stunning that reality is.

“It’s not because you’re not enough, not beautiful, and that he doesn’t find you attractive,” Shelli Mandeville says.

“It’s so important that women get that.” Easier said than done.

Why would Tiger Woods cheat on his swimsuit-model-wife Elin Nordegren?

Why would Peter Cook spend ,000 on Internet porn when he could come home to Christie Brinkley?

So, what if, just for a minute, we asked ourselves how our relationships look if we didn’t live in a pornified culture.


  1. They also introduced the Spanish language and culture.

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