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Introduction to Patching Prior to patching the game client, it is recommended that players uninstall all Add Ons and reset the game to defaults.

World of Warcraft may experience issues, such as poor performance or error messages, if out of date Add Ons are present after patching.

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This celebration has spreaded into World of Warcraft!

Many MMOs have holiday events, and your favorite MMO right now may even be running a Christmas event.

Originally the home world of the draenei, Argus has been remade by dark and...

In an interesting interview with Ion Hazzikostas, a lot was learned about the upcoming update to World of Warcraft: patch 7.3.

All the data from Alpha test will be wiped, Blizzard will send out a big wave of beta invites, are you ready to grab a key?

You must have seen lots of trailers as Warcraft movie will be on within a month.

Are you still circling outside the gate of Wo W Legion and can’t find a way in?

Now World of Warcraft team has arranged an event giving you the chance to join the other thousands of testers in the upcoming expansion.

Yet game fans never lack of creativity and surprise for us, see, this Wo W edition of Warcarft Movie made by a gamer named Ivan Kuzkin did impress me.

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