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Once the organism dies, this exchange stops and the Carbon-14 that decays is not replaced.

By measuring the percentage of Carbon-14 left, and comparing it to the percentage of Carbon-14 in the atmosphere, we can date organic specimens up to 70000 years old.

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Age determinations can also be obtained from carbonate deposits such as calcite, dissolved carbon dioxide, and carbonates in ocean, lake, and groundwater sources.

Cosmic rays enter the earth's atmosphere in large numbers every day and when one collides with an atom in the atmosphere, it can create a secondary cosmic ray in the form of an energetic neutron.

When these energetic neutrons collide with a nitrogen-14 (seven protons, seven neutrons) atom it turns into a carbon-14 atom (six protons, eight neutrons) and a hydrogen atom (one proton, zero neutrons).

Since Nitrogen gas makes up about 78 percent of the Earth's air, by volume, a considerable amount of Carbon-14 is produced.

This is used to date the remains of things that were once living.

All living things absorb Carbon from the atmosphere into their bodies, and excrete Carbon back into the environment.

Radiometric dating is possible because the radioactive decay of large numbers of radioactive atoms follows a predictable pattern.

This predictability allows scientists to measure the age of an object if they can work out how many radioactive atoms were originally present.

Once the rock cools and solidifies, Argon that is formed by radioactive decay is trapped inside.

As no Argon was present in the rock when it first solidified, all Argon in the rock is due to the radioactive decay of Potassium.

The ratio of normal carbon (carbon-12) to carbon-14 in the air and in all living things at any given time is nearly constant.


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