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In their times it shall be told to Jacob and to Israel what God hath wrought" ( Numbers ).For the absence of other oracles, the Chosen People were indeed more than compensated by a gift unique in the annals of mankind, to wit, the gift of prophecy and the prophetic office. General Idea and the Hebrew Names (1) General Idea -- The Hebrew Prophet was not merely, as the word commonly implies, a man enlightened by God to foretell events; he was the interpreter and supernaturally enlightened herald sent by Yahweh to communicate His will and designs to Israel.There were other less specific or more unusual terms employed, the meaning of which is clear, such as, messenger of God, man of God, servant of God, man of the spirit, or inspired man, etc.

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Ozymandias is acutely aware of human limitations/mortality, which also happens to be the main theme of the poem Ozymandias).

Please note that you can either gloss over the symbolism or skip over it — e.g. Some characters have names that evoke the right emotions, but aren’t related to the characters’ powers. For example, Green Lantern is named after the source of his powers (and his organization). the Avengers or any name with Guardians in it), but names like The Punisher or The Question make it pretty clear what the characters want to accomplish. The character’s personality and/or distinguishing traits, particularly mental ones.

Sylar naming himself after a watch company or an unusually volatile chemist naming himself after the German god of uncertainty*).

Vaguely realistic names help adult readers take the character seriously and make for more natural dialogue.

The compiler of the first book of Kings (ix, 9) informs us that before his time ro'éh was used where nabî' was then employed.

Hozéh is found much more frequently from the days of Amos.The Greek prophet was the revealer of the future, and the interpreter of divine things, especially of the obscure oracles of the pythoness.Poets were the prophets of the muses: Inspire me, muse, thy prophet I shall be" (Pindar, Bergk, Fragm. The word nabî' expresses more especially a function.Watchmen and Breaking Bad spent less than a minute discussing where “Ozymandias” and “Heisenberg” came from. Some heroic examples include Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter, as opposed to villainous examples like Venom and Carnage. Batman is named after a bat even though his powers aren’t actually bat-related. For example, Rorschach is mentally unstable, unpredictable and a psychiatric case.(Unless bats are secretly master ninja-scientist-detectives. That’d go a long way to explaining how the bats trapped in my attic have survived this long, actually). The Taxman Must Die has a mutant alligator named Agent Orange that is helpful and (probably) safe for humans. A name which sounds like it might actually be a given name (e.g. There might also be some symbolism to the name picked (e.g.The two most usual synonyms ro'éeh and hozéh emphasize more clearly the special source of the prophetic knowledge, the vision, that is, the Divine revelation or inspiration.


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