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He is progressing faster then I would have ever thought!

His computer skill are amazing, his reading is better then most 1st grade levels, and he is speaking 3 languages.

Date Night Every month we host a Date Night to give our married couples a night out of fun and quality time together. Padre Pio Multi-Purpose Room, and babysitting is available.

We Catholics do a lot of good stuff for a lot of people, regardless of their religious affiliation.

We are part of something “bigger.” We have a parish, St.

So we added a layer of 2x4 wood pieces from a pallet, pushed the tire up against the side of the jack, and we made it work.

The plane made it to the carrier the very next morning, filled with priority cargo, parts, and people, instead of sitting idle for who knows how long while we waited for a simple tire jack. As sailors do, we regularly held verbal sparring matches at local establishments about who was more important to the Air Wing, who's plane did more for the overall mission, and who worked harder, longer hours doing what we do- Unit Pride at its finest!

This focus and dedication from our individual squadron all the way through to our overall military mission reminds me of our own Catholic Church. The whole Navy itself represents the Diocese of Evansville.

In the story above, the two squadrons represent St. The many branches of the military: the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard together represent the Catholic Church as a whole.Please contact Dolores Shipe with any questions at 412-661-3100 x127 or 412-760-3177.Catholic Divorce Survival Guide Whether you or someone you know is separated or has been divorced for 10 days or over 10 years, the program offers valuable insight.We needed a jack to change a tire and had resorted to a desperate drive around the flight line to find anyone who was around and asking if they had anything that might work.An F-18 squadron had left a small group of people behind to work on some aircraft in preparation for the long deployment that was coming up.I moved my child to St Raphaels and he was welcomed with open arms!


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  2. I wouldn’t hold your breath when it comes to “Like Whoa” though…that song really drives me and Aly nuts. JJ: Can you tease the name of the upcoming EP and/or album title? The EP is called ….because that’s how long it’s been since we’ve released anything under Aly & AJ. I’d rather meet someone naturally so I’ve given up the idea of dating apps.

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