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Now that she had the eyeliner, the next thing was to figure out what to wear.

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”I asked her if she thought it could be an example of the very thing she was just talking about, clothing that was sexualizing.“Well, I don’t feel compelled to go out ,” she said, “but when you see every girl dressing sexy you do feel compelled to do it, too.

The media like completely oversexualizes everyone now—in every magazine you see everyone in some sexy outfit.

It was cool, it was fun, but it got to be too much, so I quit.” When I talked to Lily’s mother, later, she said that Lily “could be” a model, if she were only taller.

“The lady at the agency would do our makeup and we would practice doing fake photo shoots and we would practice the catwalk in high heels,” said Lily.

“It was fun to feel like everyone was watching you and it was cool to be able to say, like, I’m part of a modeling agency.”I asked what had made her want to model. “I guess I wanted to do it from seeing models on TV and in magazines—it was like, Oh, if I can be a model, girls will look up to me like I look up to these girls.

Whenever I’d see models in magazines it was like, Wow, she’s really pretty and if I can be a model, girls will be like, Wow, she’s really pretty, too. I was a bully.” thrives on scenes of meanness between the girls.

That’s just what we’re shown, and what we’re shown is what we . I mean I would say Miley Cyrus, but it’s kind of controversial.

A lot of girls my age look up to these older girls in the media who wear all these sexy things—basically anyone you see in a magazine, all the big movie stars. A bunch of people are like, ‘Go, Miley,’ and a bunch of people are like ‘ her to be—and some people consider her a role model.

So the people who are saying ‘No, Miley’ are saying that because she wears these revealing bathing suits onstage and twerks with teddy bears,” a reference to Cyrus’s controversial 2013 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, “which is weird. Lily took pictures of herself in the white skirt and tank top and texted them to her friend Priya.

She’s expressing herself, but not in the way that we want our kids to see.”There was a DVD on her shelf, a relic of yesteryear. “She’ll tell me what she thinks,” she said, “she’s blunt.” Then she went in the bathroom again and changed into the black minidress. Priya texted: “The black kinda looks like what a mom would wear to a wedding.” “So I guess that settles ,” Lily said with a laugh.

The reality show involves a competition between a handful of aspiring young models with Tyra as their mentor and judge; and Tyra’s judgments can be harsh, not just over contestants’ appearance, but their character and motivation—how much they appear to “want it.” Sometimes Tyra makes fun of the would-be models on the show with a corrective zeal; in an infamous episode, the subject of a viral meme, she shouts hysterically at a girl she feels has not exhibited the appropriate level of commitment, making her weep. We’re becoming comfortable or uncomfortable with our own bodies, and it definitely plays a role in how we feel about ourselves.“I’m confident with .

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