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The oft-controversial 25 year old rapper took to Facebook on Sunday evening, in a post she’s subsequently deleted, to accuse the New Zealand-born actor of assaulting her at a low-key dinner party he was hosting.

Writer-director Shane Black returns to the comedy-noir vibe of his 2005 hit Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with this riotously funny thriller set in late-1970s Los Angeles.

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Born and raised on the tiny Isle of Man, Samantha says growing up fame just wasn't a career choice.

"No, I danced because I wanted to dance, I sang because I wanted to sing. It always has." That passion saw the youngster try her hand at everything from ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance to the clarinet and drums. - Aged 16, she convinced her parents to let her move to London to seek fame and fortune.

It turns out that the sarcophagus contains the remains of ancient Egyptian Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), who was mummified alive for making a pact with the evil god Set and then murdering her father and brother.

Now transported to London, she returns to life with a vengeance, casting a spell on Nick to help reassemble Set's dagger and finish her nefarious plan.

The thin plot seems constructed merely to connect a series of enormous action set-pieces, which are all very well choreographed but never remotely exciting.

It doesn't help that everything on-screen has been extravagantly over-designed, with cavernous sets that have been made deliberately dark and sooty. The couple have been together for a couple of months and are "absolutely besotted with each other".Already media-savvy, she refused to confirm the relationship - Stardom was never really an option.Cruise plays Nick, an American army officer and mercenary who with his cohort Vail (Jake Johnson) has just located a long-lost burial site deep in Daesh-controlled Iraq.Somehow, the hot archaeologist Jenny (Annabelle Wallis) arrives immediately to stop him from plundering this tomb.It seems Crowe was alerted to comments made over his physique by a fan and decided he wanted to respond.


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  2. A mainstay being that celebrity relationships tend (and by "tend" I mean pretty much always) have a short shelf life.

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