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In fact, so beloved has this dining institution become to New Orleanians that many have simply decided to spend eternity there.

Arnaud Cazenave is said to be the most active spirit in the restaurant, perhaps still hanging around to make sure that everything is being kept in order and to his liking.

The Germaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras Museum was opened at Arnaud's Restaurant in her honor in 1983 by then-proprietor Archie A. Open free to the public during restaurant hours, the collection of Carnival court gowns, costumes and other memorabilia made in France provides a rare glimpse of the private side of Mardi Gras.

The museum has two basic themes-what Mardi Gras is and who Mrs. The museum brings together more than two dozen lavish Mardi Gras costumes, including 13 of Mrs.

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Cazenave, whom most New Orleanians came to call Count Arnaud, for no apparent reason as he was not nobility, was a stickler for service in the grand French style, and it is likely he still maintains these standards today.

If silverware and napkins are not set to his liking, the staff says he has no qualms about moving them; If he does not like the set up at the bar, he will rearrange it until he does.

Some Restaurants have played up the haunted tales while others keep the building's ghost sighting and haunting a inside secret.

In other cities, gourmands may get excited about a restaurant one minute and the next minute, the spot has been turned into a hardware store.

Some have encountered simply a feeling of his presence, an anger and foreboding, just outside the main door to the Red Room.

Another active spectre is said to the be ghost of the late Chel Paul Blange who created many of Brennan's signature dishes and helped build the reputation of the esteemed eatery.

European Chef Paul Blange, who worked for decades at the famous eatery and was so devoted to the restaurant that when he died the restaurant’s menu, a knife and fork were placed across his chest of his dead body as he lay in the coffin.


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